How Good Are The Lakers This Year

The big news is here, Kobe is back for the season. It’s maybe his last season because it’s his last season under a contract. He has been injured the past two seasons, missing out on two playoff appearances and chances of winning a title. Because you have always a chance to win the title with Kobe. Remember that team that he led to the finals, with Smush Parker and co. Read more about Kobe’s return and how will this affect your betting strategy at

Kobe stated during an interview that he watched the Animal Planet TV and how cheetahs behave. That’s when he figured out how to modify his jumpshot technique and became a killer on the court. Kobe has proven that he has the heart of a champion and plays like a real professional. He will be always at the top of all Jordan talks, but he has one more important thing to achieve. Get six championship rings and he has currently stuck on 5 since the 2010 season.

Phil Jackson is in New York as he tries to build a new winning franchise after Chicago and Los Angeles, but he has lots of works over there. Great number of trades need to be made and great number of players need to get there. On the other hand LA has tried to bring another superstar player in the likes of Dwight Howard. That experiment failed and now Kobe is on a mission once again.

This season Kobe will have Steve Nash, Jeremy Lin, Wesley Johnson, Nick Young, Julius Randle, Carlos Boozer, Ed Davis, Jordan Hill and Xavier Henry by his side and try to bring this team to the playoffs. We’re expecting Kobe to drop 20 points with ease on daily basis from game to game. He once had the ability to score more than 50 points in a game.